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Obama: Bust Up The EpiPen Monopoly

More than 100,000 of us demanded Mylan drop the price of EpiPen. And on Thursday morning Mylan responded to consumer outrage with a claim that they’re makking EpiPen affordable for people who can’t afford it. But under the surface, the company didn’t actually change the price at all. The price cuts only apply to some… Read more »

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WTF Hormel?!

How long would it take you to inspect a hog for signs of disease or contamination? Five minutes? Ten? Well, workers at Hormel factories get just 3 seconds. That means disgusting things are ending up in your bacon, all so Hormel can make as much as money in as little time as possible. Hormel runs… Read more »

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Take the Walmart Pledge

Earlier this year, Walmart told shareholders that fiscal full-year sales would be flat in 2015; spokespeople for the company cited the recent raise in pay – to a minimum of $9 per hour, which is planned to increase to $10 next year – as the reason. But Walmart has more than enough money to turn… Read more »

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