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Keep Burger King’s Tax Dodger Out of Government!

President Obama has nominated yet ANOTHER investment banker to the Treasury Department: Antonio Weiss. But Weiss isn’t just any investment banker. He advised Burger King on their tax-dodging purchase of Canadian chain Tim Horton’s. Burger King’s proposed purchase of Tim Horton’s would allow them to relocate their corporate headquarters to Canada, thereby dodging American taxes… Read more »

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Revoke Wall Street’s License to Steal!

America’s biggest banks have a secret weapon, and they’re probably already using it against you. It’s called a “forced arbitration” clause. Buried in the fine print of every customer’s contract, these clauses pre-emptively block consumers from going to court if the bank does something wrong. If you are a customer at JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup,… Read more »

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Yo Walmart, Go Subsidize Yourself

Every year taxpayers subsidize Walmart – the world’s wealthiest corporation 1 – to the tune of $7.8 BILLION! HUH? Walmart, America’s largest private employer, raked in $17 billion in profit last year 2; its owners, the Walton family, have more wealth than the bottom 42% of Americans combined 3. But every year, Walmart’s poverty wages… Read more »

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